MeowBowls - Elevated Cat-Shaped Feeders

Om nom nom in style & comfort! 

This stylish Cat-Shaped Food Bowl is designed to make meal-time for comfortable for your kitty.

Traditional bowls force your cat to lie on their stomach and consume their meals, which can cause a plethora of digestive problems such as bloating and acid reflux. Elevated bowls allow your cats to sit upright while eating, giving their gut plenty of leeway to digest the food properly.

And when you see your kitty smiling staring up at you from the bottom of the bowl, you know that it's time for the second course.

✅ MAXIMISE COMFORT & IMPROVE POSTURE: Cats are natural "crouch" eaters and do not like eating in a standing or lying position. Put yourself in your cat's paws. They get down on all fours to reach traditional floor-level food bowls, causing their stomach to be "crunched" and pressed into their chests. The MeowBowls are tilted and elevated to the perfect angle for maximal comfort when consuming their meals.

✅ REDUCES STOMACH DISCOMFORT & INDIGESTION:The raised feeders aide gravity in moving food down your cat's digestion system, whilst minimising the amount of air swallowed during mealtime. Reducing regurgitation, acid reflux, vomiting and difficulty in swallowing. 

✅ PROMOTES HEALTHIER EATING HABITS IN OLDER/WEAKER CATS: As our kitties get older, they tend to eat lesser and are unable to bend their bodies as much as they used to. An Elevated Feeder allows your older cat to dine in a more natural relaxed position- allowing for an increased food, nutrient & water intake.

✅ SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING UP:  The bowls are just wide and shallow enough to not get in the way of your cat's whiskers, as well as keeping their chins free from the noms. Furthermore, the elevated height of the bowls will prevent your cats from playing and creating a mess from the food/water.

Your kitties can now dine without having to put their entire faces into the bowls, and when they drink, water is not sucked up into their noses. No more snorting water and sneezing after they drink!


✅ SECURE & DURABLE: Reinforced plastic construction and a non-slip base will hold up to even the pushiest of paws.

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