Fishy Cat Toy

The Fishy Cat Toy gives your cat the satisfaction of catching a fish, without the hassle of using a fishing rod or jumping into the fish tank! 

Simply unzip the belly of the toy, fill it with fresh catnip and watch your kitty grab, kick, bite, scratch and roll around with the Fishy Cat Toy! 

Features & Benefits

STIMULATE YOUR CAT'S NATURAL HUNTING INSTINCTS: Cats are programmed from birth to chase, explore, exercise and hunt. The Fishy Cat Toy is the purr-fect prey for your kitty to hunt!

RELIEVE YOUR CAT'S MOOD & STRESS: Bid farewell to scratched up furniture and clothes. The Fishy Cat Toy gives your kitty a healthy outlet to vent out his/her frustration- especially after an afternoon of heavy cat-napping!

✅ REDUCE FEELING OF BOREDOM & LONELINESS: Cats crave stimulation just as people do. They are natural explorers, and as indoor cats only have your home to explore, their curious side will usually lead them to get up to mischief or pent up frustration.

ENCOURAGES EXERCISE: What better way to get your cat(s) up and moving, than by getting them to stalk & chase prey by engaging them with the Fishy Cat Toy.

EASY CATNIP REFILL: A zipper in the belly of the fish allows you to easily refill catnip. Catnip stimulates energetic play in many cats and even a calming effect on others.  (comes pre-infused with premium grade catnip)

LIFELIKE APPEARANCE: 3D printed technology means that the Fishy Cat Toy has an extremely realistic design which will fool even the smartest of kitties!

PET-FRIENDLY & BUILT TO LAST: Constructed using high quality soft plush and filled with cotton lining, ensures the safety of your cat while being durable enough to withstand scratching, punching, kicking and mild biting. Non-toxic.
Zipper for Fresh Nip

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